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Higher - the lyrics

She's got you god like yeah
Burning like a fire light
Standing in the street light
Caught up in the head lights
You hold breath (huh huh- breathing noise)
He got you sweating it's a mess
Check mate a game of chess
It's one you can't resist

She takes you higher


Higher yeah

He takes you higher


Higher yeah

She loosens buttons on her dress
He slides his hands across her chest
Dirty dancing does the rest
He's Patrick Swayze at his best
You Close your eyes
2 worlds collide
The moments over you survive
Arousal peaking no surprise

She takes you higher
He takes you higher
They take you higher yeah



That girls on fire
That boys desire


Another cheeky, sexy one. What else to say? When someone takes you higher...


Every Thing Else Fades Away!

Not one, not two but 3 songs to bring us to a close! Don't be sad :(  :)  

This week is all about melting into a place where life everything fades away.

When we get together and jam it's the ultimate mindfullness moment, hit the right groove, find the right harmony that fits and nothing else matters in that moment. 

We hope you can experience this with us. 

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