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248 - the lyrics

Can’t feel my legs

Can’t feel my legs she cried

I’m in over my head but it’s nice to be alive


Can’t hear my thoughts

Over the noise

Can’t hear my thoughts over the noise 

But I’m far from suicide


Big dark clouds hanging in your head

Wading through the mess that people shed


I feel the weight

Dragging me down

I want to stay above but I’m six feet underground


And everyone’s so happy

And everyone’s so right! 


She’s low 

She won’t handle that tonight


It’s gonna be alright

It’s gonna be alright

It’s gonna be alright

It’s gonna be alright


Lick and horns??


she’s walking down the hard road

And he’s been flying solo 

She wants everyone to know that she’s alive

And he’s been on the high notes

That’s why he’s fallen so low

you need someone to pick you up and dust you off and shake your bones and make you know it’s fine

Dance As One - The lyrics!

The atmosphere in here’s electric

Finally the time is here

The blinding lights illuminate the night

As the first note cuts


A sea of bodies shakin’

Back and forth as one

The energy that they makin’

Is a drug, it’s a drug

Give in, succumb


Give in, succumb



Dancin’ movin’

Swayin’ groove as one


We all knowin’

What this night’s become




Euphoria everlasting

Pain and worry disappear

Intoxicating, captivating

The melody is


Movin’ and pulsating

Every fibre of the being

Writhin’ in coordination

Is a drug, it’s a drug


Dancin’ movin’

Swayin’ groove as one 


We all knowin’

What this night’s become


Yeah and we all dance as one


Horns intro


Horn break over G

Chorus into down chorus - ie half up half down 


Stripped Verse 2


Dance riff stripped back instrumental 

Build   - Chorus  -     end:We all dance as one


What to name a song? Well we just called this one the time it took for us to play it in rehearsal one day! :) At least a loose approximation. Now it's stuck! 

We LOVE playing this song. Please dance! It literally changes your mood! Release some dolphins (you know, cause endorphins sound like dolphins) and it's a cool mental image to imagine dolphins jumping around in your blood stream! 

Keep the party going! 

We'd love to see a video of you dancing to this at home! We'd love to compile a fan video of happy, dancing people! If you feel brave enough then send us your dancing video here and we'll edit something together! The fan edition!

Easiest way is probably a 20 second clip to keep the file size small and send it through on socials or upload to a drive and email us a shareable link! 

Go on, have a boogie! :)

Not 1 but 2 songs! :)

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