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7 Years - the lyrics

 Don't tell me
It's gonna be a while
A switch flipped
Now it's time
And so I need
The only cure
Next ticket to

Run with the wolves
Jump from a plane
Live in a yurt
Climb to the peak
Drink with a tzar
Chase the big waves
Again and again
You know that it's time

Don't tell me it's far away...

Two feet in
I'm gonna be alright
The horizon
My new friend
All baggage
Left behind
You'll find me

Don't tell me it's far away

[horn break]


Flyin away from this time and space
Gonna wake up in another city

Wanna play, watch the stars change place

‘gainst the skyline of another city


Pre chorus:

Surf on a train
Dance with a tribe
Sleep in a cave
Swim with the whales
Laugh amongst thieves
Drive like the wind
Again and again
You know that it's time


Don't tell me it's far away


Road Trip

Don't tell me it's gonna be a while!  Know that feeling of longing for a trip away? That's this song! Freedom, exploration and Gemma's vocabulary teaching some of us what a Yurt is...seriously, Daniel had no idea. Clearly never slept in one! 

Most of the lyrics of this song came from Gemma's travel journal.


When a feeling and a groove fit with some reflections on moments in time. Uber cool dudes!

So pack your hat, sunnies, sunscreen, comfy shoes and a sunny disposition. :)

We've got the playlist sorted and one of our best mate's Jeremy (a former wizard!) is taking us for a trip in his beloved car!

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