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Destination - the lyrics

Come over,

So I can show ya!
The feeling so right I'll show you tonight you'll see.
'S no bother,

Don't tell ya mother
Coz we're safe and sound, take the middle ground with me...

Coz time,

Yeah time,

Is not lost on me

Quiver, girl you make me shiver,
Fingers like ice are melting down so nicely,
Slow up,

You got ta show up.
Lips on lips, a shake of the hips'll be.

Oh time,

Yeah time,

Is not lost on me.

Cruise through the street,

The pulse of the beat
Smile like the sun,

She's coastin' to downtown
Heat from the city uh oh we sittin pretty coz the journeys all part of our destination

Come on over, so I can show ya (x8)

The journey's all part of the destination!

There's no denying the lyrics of this song are a little bit sexy! Pete loves some word play and was pretty happy with himself with these lyrics. 

Despite people possibly not working out that this song is talking about taking your time with intimacy we'd like to think that taking in moments and time being precious shines through!


What does this song mean to you?


We'd love to know! 

Hit us up in a comment on socials (helps our 'virality' ;) or send us an email or DM) 


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